When Abdellatif Aît Ben Abdallah discovered Dar Cherifa he did not hestitate for a single second.

This magnificent building of the Saadian period , with its pure lines, soaring columns and majestic proportions truly  elevates the spirit and is now a dedicated cultural centre.

Mission accomplished !

Since its opening, Dar Cherifa has welcomed visitors and artists alike from all over the world, who come together in this convivial space to share a glass of mint tea, an exhibition, a concert or seminar and of course some very stimulating conversation!

As with all stories, there are some high points. Those who had the good fortune to take part in the poetry festival, doubtless remember having cried with laughter at the Belgian poet  “Jean-Pierre Verheggen’s”  malicious verse about the stucco friezes and carved wood of this venerable building.

Perhaps others remember a famous evening devoted to the pop artist “Hassan Hajjaj?”  On this occasion the courtyard was converted into a dance floor!  And who among us wasn’t moved by the beauty of the Sufi chants soaring high above the columns to who knows what celestial heights!

This is the unquestionable magic of Dar Cherifa, a centre open to all.

Please check the Dar Cherifa diary - every meeting is a memorable event!